One Month After Competing

It’s been exactly a month since I competed in my first competition on May 1st in the UK and three weeks since my second competition on May 10th in Denmark. It feels great not to be training as intensively and not to be following a strict diet. I can be more flexible with my meals and do not need to worry about following a rigid schedule. My total calorie intake is back to 2500 – 3000 calories a day!

Some people might wonder how I can eat so much and not gain weight. Truthfully HOW you lose weight is just as important as what you do AFTER you have lost weight. If you crash diet, starve or over-train, you will discover that your results are impossible to maintain. It’s all about balanced training and dieting, with slow and gradual fat loss.

Even though my regime was strict, I never did anything unhealthy or drastic. I worked very hard to reach my goals and also to be able to maintain my results.

The next step is to slowly integrate your hard work into a healthy lifestyle. Even though I’m eating at least 1000 cals (or more!) than what I was, the bulk of my diet consists of healthy, clean, unprocessed foods. I’m still lifting five times a week with much less cardio, however, training is still part of my daily routine.

If you are like me, you would need to work very hard to maintain your body. I am not genetically slim and cannot get away with eating whatever I want, unlike many people I know. Instead of cursing my genetics, I accept the way I am and always focus on creating the best version of myself and my body. My daily goal is to do the best I can in every situation.

With so many nights out, lunches, dinners, parties and my upcoming wedding on August 2nd, it will require a lot of focused attention to take care of my physique and not undo the hard work. This is exactly why a healthy lifestyle is rewarding. You can still enjoy doing all the things you love and balance that with being in the best shape of your life.

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