Lebanon’s First Sports Calendar

Lebanon officially launched its first ever sports calendar! I’m proud to have taken part and be one of the 12 athletes selected for every month (I’m the month of June!). The purpose of the calendar is to raise money for the charity Brave Heart which helps children with heart conditions. The sports calendar has been produced by Sport Evasion and will donate 25% of all proceeds to the charity.

The calendar was definitely a fun project to shoot. The photographer behind the lens is Charbel Bou Mansour who put together very artistic photos in black and white. Each athlete met with the photographer to discuss what kind of image they would like to portray and brainstorm ideas for their shoot.

As I’m into bodybuilding and compete in bikini fitness, I wanted a look that captures both femininity and physical strength. Nowadays so many women obsess about being thin or skinny and I wanted to show that fitness is about being healthy, fit and strong. There is nothing that will make you feel more satisfied than taking your physical strength to the next level and rewarding your body with hardcore training.

When people ask me what sport I participate in and I say “bodybuilding”, their reactions are complete shock. When people think of female bodybuilders, they picture women with the bodies of men. They imagine we have bulging biceps, veins, striations and muscle definition that hardly anybody else can achieve naturally. However, this is far from what I do!

I hope this image in the calendar will prove that you can still be a woman and enjoy the sport of bodybuilding at the same time. Heavy weights will sculpt your body into shape and keep your femininity. Women will only ever look masculine if they take anabolic steroids.

The launching event for the calendar took place on Wednesday the 22nd of October with media, press and journalists present. The calendar will be available for you to buy in all major bookstores as of Monday the 27th of October. Look out for it and make sure you support this great concept!

Below is a preview of my photo for the month of June and the other athletes featured!

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