Competition Prep Begins!

For the last 8 months, since my last bikini competition, I’ve been “off season” focusing on staying healthy and trying as hard as I could not to gain weight. I enjoyed big meals, ate nearly as much (clean food) as I wanted, barely did any cardio (no more than twice a week) and pretty much relaxed. As a lifestyle, I lift weights five times a week and use cardio as a tool for getting leaner. I have confirmed I will be competing in the UK this April and have just started my preparation only a few days ago.

Has it been difficult? Oh yes! Although only a few days have passed, the worst part of it all has been the diet. Even though bodybuilding is my passion, I can cope with doing lots of cardio. I love food but have no problem eating clean 100% of the time. For me, the real difficulty is controlling my portion sizes. I have to eat less than I burn in order to lose weight and be stage ready. However, my body is used to an average intake of 3000 calories a day and I hate feeling hungry.

The second day on my diet I experienced hunger throughout the day and there was nothing I could do to feel satiated. I have to stick to my portion sizes no matter what. It reached the point where I had a dream that I was eating a Nutella crepe for breakfast. I had a couple of moments where I thought to myself: I don’t need to do this. I’ve already done it. I already got into the best shape of my life and won first place less than a year ago. I considered giving up and going back to my comfortable lifestyle with lots of food and barely any cardio.

However, I realized you always have to keep pushing forward no matter what. Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying. Sitting back in my comfort zone is not going to serve me in any way. I want to compete again, transform my body one more time and step on stage. It’s not about winning or losing but about achieving your goals, becoming a stronger person and helping others along your journey. I believe once you achieve one goal, you should go right ahead and set another. Being on stage has made me who I am today.

Dealing with difficult times is all part of the journey to success. The hunger I experienced is something my body will adapt to. I still have a high intake of food (1800 calories) and will have to get used to eating less and doing more exercise.

If you are struggling with your diet, my advice to you is to hang in there. Keep going and think of your results to stay motivated. One of my favorite quotes is “a moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory”.

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