How to Overcome Cravings

One of the most common reasons why people never see results after following a diet or exercise program is because of their inability to give up unhealthy food. They sabotage their diet after getting started and can’t seem to resist the temptation of indulging.

What these people don’t realize is that anyone can easily give up these foods and be satisfied with occasional treats. It all starts with the desire to want something greater than momentary pleasure from food.

As the following quote says, “sacrifice really means giving up something of a lower nature in the present to achieve something of a higher nature in the future.” Eating junk food on a regular basis will never serve you in the long run. Although you may be enjoying the taste, in the long-term it depletes your body of nutrients, causes weight gain and can even trigger future health problems.

It will be extremely difficult at first, but it will only take around three weeks of hard work before your body will become unconditioned to it. What does this mean? The more you eat junk food, the more your body will crave it. The less you eat it, the less you will want it.

You can break out of this cycle of bad eating habits by preparing yourself mentally. Simply eat junk food NO MORE than once a week and you will discover that it means nothing to you within a month. This does not mean a whole day of eating whatever you like, but rather sticking to one meal where you enjoy whatever you are craving. You will come across a lifestyle you never knew existed and will fall in love with it. You will become healthier, happier, more confident and stronger both mentally and physically.

There is no such thing as “I can’t do it, I love food too much.” I used to be that person. I used to eat enormous quantities of unhealthy food at every meal. I taught myself to change for the better and adopt a lifestyle of clean food and exercise. If I can do it, then YOU can do it too.

Think about your health and long term results. Imagine your body transforming into something you are proud of. There is nothing worse than wanting something but not taking action to get it. Throw out all of the junk food from your house and replace it with high quality nutrition. Tell yourself that you are a strong person and that you REFUSE to give into weakness.

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