You Might be Addicted to Bodybuilding if……

As someone who has been addicted to the gym for the last five years, I have come up with a fun list to describe my fellow gym-addicts. If you have anything to add to the list, just leave a comment below.

So here it is! You know you might be addicted to bodybuilding if:

1- You own more gym clothes than regular clothes

2- You spend all your money on protein powder and muscle-building supplements

3- You grunt and scream at the gym to the point that people think you might be a little crazy

4- You don’t know what to do with yourself on rest day

5- You research hotels on vacation to make sure they have a fully equipped gym

6- You love gaining weight on the scale (more muscle mass!)

7- You eat every three to four hours

8- You know what a macronutrient is

9- You take progress photos of yourself every week (and hope nobody ever finds them!)

10- You have eaten meals out of Tupperware… (your healthy fats, protein and carbs go with you wherever you go!)

11- You get mad at your friends for ordering dessert when they have dinner with you

12- You have actually had dreams about the gym (literally speaking!)

13- You have a healthy dinner at home before going to a party that will be serving junk food (nothing gets in the way of you and your goals!)

14- You have dragged most of your friends and family with you to the gym at least once (and they hate you for it)

15- Your palms are full of calluses from weightlifting

16- You own the Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger (and you’ve read it at least twice)

17- You never skip leg day but cry on the way out of your session (and can’t walk the next day!)

18- The gym is always a priority in your schedule

19- You have woken up really early to do fasted cardio

20- You have given up alcohol at some point to reach your goals

21- You are a nightmare to be around on low carb day

22- You can’t walk past a mirror without flexing or checking out your muscle definition

23- The only pages you follow on social media are fitness and bodybuilding related

24- You eat chicken for breakfast (no better source of protein in the morning!)

25- You have never walked into a restaurant and ordered what is written on the menu without changing it around (no French fries, no sauces, no cheese….!)

26- You stay away from fat loss scams and enjoy working hard

27- You spend so much time at the gym that people worry about you if you take a couple of days off

28- Your day is always better after a hardcore lifting session

29- You talk about training so much that people have to politely remind you to change the subject

30- You physically shock people with the amount of food you can eat during a cheat meal (you obviously earned every bite of that burger!)

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