Help me Support Animal Welfare in Lebanon!

As a board member of animal welfare NGO Animals Lebanon, I will be launching a campaign to raise funds for the organization. I really hope all animal lovers will support me. Any donation, no matter how small, will make a big difference.

Who is Animals Lebanon?

Animals Lebanon is the foremost animal welfare organization in the Middle East. We rescue endangered species, close down abusive zoos, save thousands of animals and currently have our animal welfare law awaiting approval at parliament.

What is some of the work done by Animals Lebanon?

We launched a national campaign to protect animal welfare which has been approved by the Council of Ministers.

We have closed down three abusive zoos and rehomed more than 100 animals.

We work with sanctuaries worldwide to protect endangered species and have recently sent chimpanzees, bears, hyenas, tigers and lions abroad.

We represent Lebanon at international conventions.

We save thousands of animals every year and assist more than 7,000 reports for companion animals in need.

What is this campaign about?

I will be running the 10km race for Beirut Marathon on November 8th and my goal is to raise funds for Animals Lebanon. I would like to raise $1 for every meter in the race. My goal is to raise $10,000 to complete 10,000 meters.

How can you support my campaign?

Just click on the banner in the homepage or visit and follow the instructions. You can donate any amount, even as little as $1. You will find a map which is the exact outline of the 10km race of Beirut Marathon. Every time a dollar is donated, an animated illustration of me will complete one meter on the map. Help me finish the race by making a donation! All donations made will go directly to Animals Lebanon, helping us protect all animals in Lebanon. This page will be launched within 48 hours.

How can you support Animals Lebanon?

Other than donating to my campaign, there are many ways to support Animals Lebanon. You can adopt a pet, become a monthly sponsor, donate funds or volunteer. You can help us organize activities, care for animals or even help out with tasks. Volunteering with Animals Lebanon is a great way for animal lovers to meet likeminded people and be around animals. Visit the website for more information:

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