Overcoming All Obstacles to Reach Your Goals

Many people email me saying that their lifestyle does not allow them to reach their fitness goals. They say that they do not have time to exercise and that they are unable to prepare healthy food to take with them on the go.

My response is that you always have to adapt your lifestyle to your goals. There is ALWAYS something you can do. Using myself as an example, I used to wake up one hour earlier to fit in my training and sometimes used to train during my lunch break. If it was impossible to train on a certain weekday, I always made up for it on the weekends.

While training for a competition, I always go to extremes to be able to follow my diet. My food is always measured to perfection to make sure I am eating the right number of calories and that I am hitting my macronutrients. If I am going out for the day, my meals are always prepared in advance and then taken with me to wherever I am going. I used to work in a shared office and had moments where I would even stand outside the office building to eat my fish or egg whites. For the last three years, I have taken my mother out for mother’s day dinner but did not eat anything at the restaurant simply because I was preparing for a competition. While preparing for my first competition, I snacked on broccoli at my nephew’s first birthday party as I watched everyone around me eating cake. I have had days where I am so hungry that I actually want to cry, all while being surrounded by people who eat junk food right in front of me.

This is why I truly believe some people do not try hard enough. When it came to reaching my goals, I worked really hard to get what I wanted. I have even had embarrassing moments where I ask other people to put my meals in their fridge, or have even eaten in the car (as there was nowhere else to eat) just because I had a goal to reach. Every single moment of hard work has paid off as it has gotten me to where I am today. If you want it bad enough, there is absolutely nothing that will hold you back from reaching your goals.

Everyone is busy and we all have work and things to do. However, if you have an important goal, it is up to you to make it happen. Wake up earlier, prepare your food in advance and have the discipline to exercise and eat healthy. Have a proper diet and training plan that is sustainable and commit to it wholeheartedly. If you need a diet or training program, just check out my downloadable PDF guide at this link.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own lifestyle. As they say, a great idea is only as good as your ability to make it happen. Average people have great ideas, but legends have great execution.

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