How to Exercise at Home

Hello all! Many of you have emailed me asking for more ideas on how to exercise at home. Some of you have busy schedules and find it more convenient to train at home and some of you travel a lot. Below are a few ways I can help you exercise at home:

1- Watch me live on MTV Lebanon!

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am, I host a show called Get Fit and demonstrate easy-to-do exercises using minimal equipment. This show specifically targets people who train at home and the exercises I do are suitable for all fitness levels. If you won’t be next to a TV around this time, then you can watch a re-run of all the episodes by clicking here.

2- Check out the exercises on the mobile app

If you haven’t already downloaded my app, do so now by searching for “startlivingright” in your smartphone store. You will find a variety of animated exercise illustrations for the entire body. Some of these exercises will require access to a gym, however, you will be able to do many of these at home.

3- Download my complete home workout guide

You can always download my free home workout guide complete with pictures and step by step instructions. Follow the workouts or create your own plan. If you need help with a diet, you can check out the other guide which contains meal plans and more information about nutrition. Get the guides by clicking here.

4- Invest in a workout DVD

If you are the type of person who lacks motivation, then get your hands on a workout DVD and simply follow along. There are lots of different DVDs to choose from. My personal favorite which I have completed twice is Insanity by Sean T. It will kick your ass into shape in no time.

5- Connect with other users in the Start Living Right community

The mobile app has an online community with access to more than 20.000 users. One great way to learn more about exercising at home is to interact with these users and exchange ideas. You will be able to ask questions, exchange tips and share your progress photos. Get started and stop making excuses!

As usual, don’t forget to send me your questions, feedback and comments. Stay tuned as a new layout for the website and mobile app are currently under construction.

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