Top Five Healthy Snacks

Many of you lead a very active lifestyle and struggle to eat healthy snacks while you are out and about. One question that keeps popping up in my inbox is what are some quick, easy and healthy snacks you can enjoy when you are on the go. Below is a list of my top five healthy snacks that require zero preparation time:

1- Any serving of fruit. Fruits are typically less than 100 calories and are nature’s desserts!

2- Zero fat yogurt. Stick to a serving size of one cup for a rich and filling protein snack.

3- Protein powder mixed with water or skimmed milk. This is usually best taken after a workout, but it is also a perfect snack for a long day out.

4- A small handful of nuts. Pay attention to those calories and make sure your nuts are always raw and unsalted.

5- Egg white omelet. Believe it or not, this makes a great snack! Egg whites are the only source of protein with zero fat and are very low in calories!

It is very important to plan in advance and take your healthy snacks with you wherever you go. Eating snacks that are very high in calories will only contribute to unwanted weight gain. This will also make it impossible to lose any extra weight, even if you go to the gym on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about healthy snacks or weight loss, make sure you drop me an email!

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