Snacks help to control our cravings, maintain our blood sugar levels and keep us energized throughout the day. It is recommended that people do not go more than four hours without eating and should always have snacks in-between meals.

Many people go for long hours without food and eventually feel extremely hungry and ravenous. As a result, they end up overeating or binging on junk food. Make sure this does not happen to you! Here is a list of quick, easy and healthy snacks to choose from.



1- Fruits

Fruits are one of the healthiest snacks you can eat and are also extremely low in calories. They are nutritious in all forms, whether you enjoy them fresh, frozen, canned or even dried. Along with providing your body with minerals and vitamins, they are natural and convenient to pack. Research has proven that eating fruits daily helps to fight diseases and increase life expectancy. Since fruits contain natural sugars that fortify your body, they can also satisfy your cravings for sugar.

2- Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower and the like make great snacks that you can never eat too much of. Low in calories, they provide all the essential nutrients to your body and are easy to pack. A bag of vegetables will help keep you going until your next meal and also make great munchies if you are bored and want something to nibble on.

3- Raw nuts

Raw nuts provide your body with healthy fats and also help to control your appetite. They are rich in omega 3 and protect heart health by lowering the bad cholesterol in your body. The only disadvantage is that nuts are extremely high in calories, however, sticking to no more than two handfuls makes for an ideal snack. Learn more about healthy fats here.

4- Protein sources

Protein is slow-digesting and helps to keep you fuller for longer more than any other macronutrient. Protein builds hormones, enzymes, muscle fibers and much more in our body. It is low in fat and is utilized by the body for daily functions. Protein sources such as grilled chicken, seafood or a can of tuna can make great snacks when you are feeling hungry. Protein will help you feel far more satiated than a chocolate bar which will only raise your blood sugar levels and have you feeling hungry a few hours later. Learn more about protein here.

5- Protein shakes/bars

A protein shake is a rich source of protein and is also low in carbs, sugar and fat (stick to Whey or Casein!) A protein bar makes a great snack and is a healthier alternative to a chocolate bar. Always read nutrition labels and choose protein bars that are low in sugar. A shake or a bar is easy to store and is one of the best snacks for busy people on the go. Click here to learn about protein supplements or click here to learn how to read nutrition labels.

6- Boiled eggs

A boiled egg contains no more than 74 calories and is a nutritious source of protein and healthy fats. Many people believe the egg yolk is fattening, however, egg yolks contain healthy fatty acids that are actually very good for you. Egg yolks are filled with vitamins and minerals that provide many health benefits. Egg whites are entirely protein and contain zero fat. A boiled egg tastes delicious and makes a great snack between meals.

7- Rice cakes

Rice cakes are no more than 30 calories a piece and are a healthy source of wholegrain carbohydrates. They can be eaten on their own or with a topping or spread of your choice. Add turkey slices, nonfat cheese, fruits, mustard or natural peanut butter and you will enjoy the taste even more. You can buy a packet from any supermarket and keep them in your office or even in your car.

8- Zero fat yoghurt

A cup of zero fat yoghurt is a healthy source of protein without any fat. It tastes delicious and can even be mixed with fruits or protein powder for added taste. It can be stored in any fridge or cooler and is easy to prepare. Research has shown that yoghurt helps to reduce high blood pressure and promotes fat loss.

9- Pumpkin

Pumpkin is extremely delicious and is also low in calories. It fills you up pretty quickly and is loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamins. It is a starchy vegetable that can be chopped up, packaged and ready to eat at any time. The starchy taste is very similar to sweet potato and curbs your cravings for sweets.

These snacks are all quick, easy and convenient to prepare and will help you feel satiated. They can be mixed together or prepared in different ways that taste delicious and serve as an alternative to unhealthy snacks that prevent you from building the body of your dreams.

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