Why Compete in Bikini Competitions?

Some people might wonder why I have decided to compete in bikini fitness modeling competitions. It’s a lifestyle most people wouldn’t be able to follow. You train intensively for months lifting heavy weights, following fitness programs and doing high intensity cardio. You follow a strict diet, stop dining out and cut out alcohol altogether. The cherry on top is to stand in front of a crowd and a panel of judges in a bikini to criticize your hard work.

While this might seem insane to some people, I have actually chosen to do it for many reasons.

Having extreme willpower, dedication and discipline makes me, as Maya Nassar,
a much stronger person. The gratification of achieving my fitness program goals translates
into every part of my life. It makes me believe that I can achieve any goal or overcome any difficulty that comes in my way.

When I competed in the Miami Pro European Championships in July, I was able to say that I was in the best shape of my life. I worked incredibly hard and followed an impeccable diet to get to get there. Knowing that you have built the best body you’ve ever had is a reward like no other.

Pushing to my limits mentally and physically has also taught me a lot about myself as a person and about fitness in general. I experienced exhaustion and extreme hunger at times and learnt how to overcome it during my fitness programs.

The truth is, competing makes me a better, stronger, more confident and hard working person. I believe it reflects positively in every way of my life and encourages me to stay healthy, fit and happy. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose, because achieving my goals is what keeps me moving forwards. I already feel like a winner for stepping on stage. Not
forgetting to mention the interesting and talented people I have met along the way!

I have two very important events coming up next year. The first is my second competition, the UK Championships, in May 2014. The second is my wedding in August. I intend to get into even BETTER shape than last year and maintain my condition before getting married.

Training starts in February. And you know what? I can’t wait!

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