Making Time for Exercise

Many people say that they do not have time to exercise and use this as one of their reasons for not being physically active. In the past I never used to work, so I used to believe this was a valid excuse. However, after becoming incredibly busy in the last couple of years, I truly believe this is nothing more than an excuse.

You decide what is important to you by what you dedicate your time to. When I was incredibly busy, I was someone who woke up earlier, trained on weekends and scarified leisure time to exercise. No matter what, exercising and taking care of my health and body is always a priority. If I cannot make time to train for one hour a few times a week, then I would really need to reconsider my priorities.

Your body and health is like a machine that needs to be maintained. You cannot achieve your dream body and keep it without being physically active. It is a lifestyle and long-term commitment. I always see exercise as an investment in your self-confidence, happiness, health and overall wellbeing.

Here are some quick tips to help you free up your time to exercise:

1- Wake up earlier.

This might mean less sleep, but it will also mean more happiness and confidence.

2- Train on weekends.

Who wants to lounge around and watch TV when you can build your dream body instead?

3- Exercise at home.

If you have limited access to a gym, invest in some workout DVDs or equipment and start being physically active.

4- Decline social outings.

You might need to say no to some social outings to make time for exercise instead. This might seem hard at first, but it will serve you more in the long run. Who wants to socialize if you are feeling insecure, unfit or unhealthy? It is all about balance.

5- Exercise late in the evenings.

If you are not a morning person, exercise at night right after work. Even if you are feeling exhausted, training will be the best gift you can give to a tired body.

6- Train during your lunch break.

This is something I used to do. If all else fails, use your lunch break to become physically active. You’ll find that this beats an hour of sitting around and eating poorly.

Finally, realize that you will never achieve a sizzling hot body without some form of exercise. If you want it, get up and work for it.

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