Written by guest author N.P.Burggraaff. Photo credit: Jilse Rig, Dutch competitive pole dancer.  

In the past, strip clubs were associated with a dodgy atmosphere and were situated in the bad part of town. Today things couldn’t be more different!

Dancing on a pole has become a very popular fitness trend among young and old. It is mostly enjoyed by women; however, even some men take part. Pole dance fitness classes can be found anywhere. A lot of gyms are embracing the trend and install dance poles in their studios. What makes pole fitness so popular? Keep reading to find out!


1. It is a confidence booster.

Every time you attend a new class, you will learn how to master a new move. You will always have a sense of accomplishment as there are lots of new moves to learn. Setting short term goals that you can achieve is a very fulfilling feeling that keeps you motivated.

"Everyone comes in giggling because it’s all new, but at the same time everyone starts from scratch. Of course there’s a stigma surrounding pole dancing so that also makes it exciting! You get a kick every time you master a new move” says Jilse Rig, Dutch competitive pole dancer. “You also feel very womanly from all these sultry dance moves. This definitely is a confidence booster”.

2. You combine many exercises all in one class. There’s the floor choreography, dance moves, spins and of course the climbing. All these movements make for an exciting and eclectic class. During a class, you’ll perform both isometric and isotone exercises. Isometric exercises are those that use your strength to stay put in one position. For example, when you’re upside down the pole and your legs are keeping you in place. Isotone moves are those contractions that aremore controlled such as weightlifting

3. You improve your flexibility. Many movements with pole dancing will require some flexibility. If you’re not already flexible, your flexibility will improve by frequently attending pole fitness classes.

4. Stamina. Don’t think it’s easy to swing around the pole. It will really work your big muscle groups. The constant climbing and switching to different poses counts as interval training.

5. It tones the body. Pole dancing fitness classes will tone your body because you would be doing lots of different exercises and movements.

 “Pole dancing is amazing for the abs so you will definitely notice a difference. You also really work your arms and legs, especially when you hang upside down!” says Jilse Rig.

6. You can lose weight. Depending on your height, weight and how intensively you exercise, you can burn up to 500 calories in one class! Combine this exercise with a healthy diet and you’re guaranteed to lose some weight.

7. Did I mention it was SUPER FUN?  Pole dance classes are said to be great for female bonding. It’s just group of girls (and sometimes boys) enjoying themselves and learning new moves with cool music is playing. Sounds like a great class to me!

8. It improves your balance. It takes a lot concentration and coordination to master moves on the pole. Can you imagine holding a position upside down the pole? That requires major balance!

9. You can do it at home. Many people who take classes have a pole installed in their home. This enables them to exercise in the privacy of their own home. This will save you the time of going to the gym and will even mean you can work out when it’s raining.

10. It is like a night out with the girls. Provided, a night out where you do some hard work! But all the same, there’s the excitement, the music and the cool outfits! Comment down below if you would like to try a pole fitness class.