The 4 Elements to Successful Results

Many people have emailed me saying they’ve tried everything but are unable to reach their fitness goals. When I ask them a few questions, it becomes quite obvious that they haven’t really tried everything. Below are a few examples:

Are you following a clean diet? “Yes, but I can’t give up chocolate.”

Are you exercising? “Yes, I walk on the treadmill. Isn’t that enough?”

Are you drinking alcohol? “Yes, I can’t give that up.”

Are you lifting weights? “Not really. I thought walking was enough”

The truth is nothing preventing you from achieving the body you want other than working harder. You might be trying, but perhaps you are not trying hard enough. If your body is not responding to your diet or training program, try something new. Educate yourself on how to do better. Eat stricter. Train harder. Stop alcohol for a couple of months. Give up on magic pills/potions/creams/nonsensical claims that promise to make you thin: they do not exist.

The four elements to a successful body transformation are as follows:

1- Motivation. Having a positive mind to keep yourself moving forward and pushing harder no matter what obstacles you may come across.

2- Nutrition. No amount of exercise will ever give you the body you want if you do not get your nutrition sorted out. Your diet makes up about 80% of your results.

3- Weight training. This is the tool that will reshape your body, boost your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

4- Cardio. Along with improving your overall physiological health, cardio helps to strip away your body fat and improve your endurance.

This is exactly why I created this website to include informative articles covering these four categories. If you are not seeing results, then most likely something will be lacking in one of these four elements. Make sure your diet is impeccable and you are training hard. If you aren’t, then you would be lacking the motivation to work hard. Believe that it is worth it and that you can do it. You’ll discover that being fit and confident ranks much higher in personal satisfaction than junk food, alcohol or an unfit body.

Your results are directly proportional to how hard you work. The harder your work, the more results you will see. The choice is yours. Some people stop when they reach a certain size or lose a significant amount of fat. Not everyone wants to look like a fitness model. However, if you are unhappy with where you are, stop making excuses that you have tried everything and digest that you need to do more than what you are currently doing.

If you need help transforming your body, click here to download my PDF guide covering all four elements.

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