Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow

I’ve been following my new diet and training program for a week now and for the last few days I have been extremely sore. I have been lifting incredibly heavy and have ache all over my entire body. It hurts just to move!

Is muscle soreness a bad thing? The answer is no! Should you stop training just because you are sore? Again, the answer is no. Muscle soreness is simply an indication that you have damaged your muscle fibers. I will cover this topic in more detail soon.

In the meantime, if you’ve also been suffering from muscle soreness, here are some quick tips to help alleviate the ache:

1- Take a warm bath.

A nice soothing, bubbly bath will help you feel better.

2- Have a massage.

A sports massage or a relaxing massage will help relax stiff muscles.

3- Do some cardio

Cardio will increase your blood circulation and help loosen tight muscles.

4- Try gentle stretching

Gently stretching will help you feel more flexible in your sore muscles.

5- Try applying Deep Heat.

One of my favorite medications that helps with muscle ache is Deep Heat. You can buy it from any pharmacy or drugstore as a spray or cream. It will make you feel better instantly!

6- Don’t train the same muscle groups consecutively

Give your trained muscle groups a rest the day after a workout. For example, if you trained your legs the previous day, give your lower body a break and do upper body workouts the next day. This enables you to keep on your training program and give your sore muscles a day off.

I already feel leaner and can see some real nice abs definition. I am currently maintaining the leanest I have ever reached. Keep focused on your goals and it’s only a matter of time before you get to where you want to be.

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