Competition Results

I’m finally back from my third year of competing abroad in fitness modeling championships. I had an overall great experience and I am so ecstatic that I won three trophies! My placing was as follows:

2nd place model

3rd place female transformer (best body transformation)

Overall female winner as voted by the audience (with over 200 competitors!). Many times the audience does not agree with the decision of the judges, so the purpose of this award is to allow the spectators to vote and judge for themselves who the winner should be.

I can now qualify for the world championships which is by invitation only for winners who place in the top three. This competition takes place at the end of every year.

Competing is definitely scary and it takes a lot of courage to walk on stage in heels and a bikini. I was so nervous that I could even feel my lip shivering as I was smiling; however, it was totally worth it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is what makes you grow and progress as an individual. The fact that I can compete in these competitions (and even win prizes!) makes me feel fearless and believe that there is nothing I cannot accomplish.

I believe that stepping on stage boosts my credibility as a fitness professional and makes me accomplish really challenging goals. I want to practice what I preach and prove that if I can do it, then anyone else who is inspired by my journey can do it too.

I was also lucky to meet so many friendly competitors backstage from different parts of the world. Everyone was nice and the vibes and energy from Pure Elite was absolutely amazing. I celebrated by having a huge cheat meal the day after the competition especially that I had not had any sugar or junk food for more than 6 weeks.

Every second of pain and suffering paid off in the end. This is why fitness is so rewarding. Your body will always give back what you put in. I am now ready to relax and start setting new goals. I never want to stay where I am, but keep on looking for ways to improve and do better each time.

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