Competing: how is my training going?

In exactly nine weeks’ time I would have competed in bikini fitness for the second time. The months of preparation are extremely challenging, so I’ve categorized some pros and cons to summarize what I’ve been going through.


1- The changes in my body are so Goodrewarding and make all the hard work worthwhile. A few years ago I was a jeans size 29/30 and now I fit into a size 24. Even though that seems tiny, I’m still anything but skinny. I would have never thought that would even be physically possible a few years back.

2- I’m getting married in August and I am ALREADY in the physical shape I would like to be in for my wedding. Many brides starve themselves right before their wedding, but I will be spending these last few months with a relaxed diet. The cherry on top is I will enjoy my honeymoon in Hawaii with my hubby walking around on the beach with the best body I’ve ever had.

3- I finally have the abs I’ve always wanted. I have been to hell and back getting rid of belly fat and my abs are even more cut than last year. After pushing my diet and training for 2 more months and being oiled up and spray tanned on stage, I’m going to be even more satisfied.

4- I have an amazing support system. Those in my close circle support me and understand why I don’t drink alcohol or eat junk food. Many people will fall over and faint when they know I haven’t had any alcohol since New Year’s Eve even though I go out every weekend. My best friends and fiancé will be traveling to watch me and have my back all the way.

5- My fitness has improved dramatically. I’m currently deadlifting 80kgs and lifting heavier than ever before. Seeing your physical strength increase creates a sense of pride and accomplishment.


1- I’m still not yet lean enough. Even though I’m in the best shape of my life, the athletes who win these competitions are extremely cut with literally zero body fat. Regardless, I love the challenge of working harder and reaching my leanest. I always see fitness as a competition against yourself, to compare yourself to only you and become the very best version of yourself. You can never lose, but only improve and work harder.

2- I’m going to say it bluntly: being on a diet sucks. I will be carb cycling as of next week, alternating between low and moderate carb days. Low carb day = sucks.

3- The closer I get to my goal, the harder I have to work. When I was chubbier, the fat initially melted off. Going from lean to leaner is extremely hard. As I get closer to the competition dates, I’m practically going to be pushing to my limits both mentally and physically.

4- Being female, everything shrinks during fat loss including your chest size. This is something every woman deals with and unfortunately nothing can be done to prevent this.

5- Training for a competition is mentally exhausting. I have moments where I tell myself, I’m already in shape and ask why exactly I’m doing this. I always end these thoughts with “good is not enough if better is possible.”

On the other hand, here are a couple of memories from my last competition. I was extremely proud walking on stage and waving the Lebanese flag. Regardless of the political instability, I believe Lebanon is one of the best countries on the planet.

No matter what happens, I am going to make sure competing for the second time around will be my greatest physical accomplishment in my best condition ever.

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