One of the most frustrating aspects of following an exercise program is not seeing any results. If you’re already training and eating a clean diet, here are some reasons why you might not be witnessing any physical changes in your body.

1- It takes time to see results

Make sure you’ve given it enough time. Fat loss is a slow process, which requires extreme patience and consistency. Don’t give up just yet, as you might just have to work harder than others. Give it at least three to four weeks before you decide that you aren’t progressing.


2- Make sure your diet is impeccable

Although you may be doing lots of cardio, stagnant fat loss is nearly always a nutrition problem. Make sure you’re eating unprocessed wholefoods and only enjoying cheat meals once a week. Even allowing yourself just a few nibbles here and there will eventually accumulate and might affect your fat loss results. If you’re certain that your diet is clean, focus on increasing the duration, frequency and intensity of your cardio, increasing your protein intake and decreasing your carbs.

3-  You might be suffering from a sluggish metabolism

If you’re a victim of unsuccessful diets in the past it can take some time before your metabolism is revved up and you start seeing results. You may not be doing anything wrong - it might just take some extra work to give your metabolism the boost it needs. A slow metabolism can be the result of a sedentary lifestyle, lack of lean muscle mass or years of crash dieting. You WILL eventually start seeing results if you keep fueling your body with nutritious food and concentrate on lifting weights to build lean muscle.  The only successful ingredients to fat loss are lots of healthy food, cardio and weight training.

4-  Incorporate a wide variety of cardio

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, one factor that might be affecting you is lack of variety when it comes to your cardio. If you’re someone who consistently runs on the treadmill or uses the bicycle machine, your body may have adapted. If you regularly repeat the same forms of exercise, your body gets used to the movement patterns and no longer needs to expend the same amount of energy. Keep your body guessing by alternating your cardio sessions. Here are various forms of cardio.

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