Written by guest author N.P.Burggraaff

It can be extremely difficult to stick to your goals, especially if they are challenging and require a lot of dedication. Here are some tips to help you stick through till the end!

Think positivity

The first step is to think positively and change the way you view your goals. Instead of telling yourself "I have to lose weight" and "no more cookies/candy", replace it with, "I'm going to look great this year" and "I'm going to eat more delicious healthy nutritious foods".

Formulating your goals in a positive manner is small adjustment that can make a world of a difference; just the difference you might need to succeed in reaching your goals! It also helps to write down an accomplishment every day. For example, if you had a good day with your meals, write down that you were satisfied with your nutrition that day. If you took the stairs instead of the elevator, write it down! Celebrating your accomplishments will help you feel inspired and that you are capable of reaching your goal.


Be realistic and start slow

You haven't worked out in a year and you just enlisted to the New York marathon? Typically not a good idea! Set realistic goals that you know you will be able to accomplish. In this case, when you reach your goal, you will have a sense of achievement and will feel motivated to keep on working hard.

Starting off slow is ideal. This makes is easier to cope with new habits and will also prevent injuries. Having an injury can also backfire. Getting injured will make you feel demotivated and might even make you give up on your goal. They key is to set realistic goals and start off slow. Remember, greatness is achieved by many little steps that are done repeatedly over time.

What do I really want?

Be specific about the goals you are setting. Perhaps in a few months you want to be a certain jean size or be able to run a marathon. Setting specific goals can really motivate you into establishing and sticking to a routine.


Just imagine how good you will look in a few months from now and imagine yourself wearing that outfit you'd never thought you could wear. These visions will come true in a few months if you keep it going! The more you visualize, the more likely you will stick to your goals and they will eventually become a habit. Something only seems unachievable if you don't believe you'll ever meet the goal. So get visualizing!

Don't be too hard on yourself

A big reason why people feel demotivated is that they are too hard on themselves. There will always be a time where you can't or even, don't want to go to the gym. There will also be times where you can't resist that cheeseburger. Don't beat yourself up over it and give yourself a break. We all have days where things don't go as planned. The key is to pick yourself up the next day and keep on going like you were before. The secret to success is persistence. You can do it!

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