There are unparalleled benefits to lifting weights, both psychological and physiological. Strength training is good for everyone, regardless of age, gender, current weight or fitness background and it can improve your life in many ways.

It transforms your shape naturally

Training with weights is the only way to transform your body shape naturally. Increasing your muscle mass will make you tighter, fitter and more toned, adding more shape and definition to your body. It can be done for free, requiring lots of hard work and absolutely no drugs, pills, potions or surgery will be necessary.

It boosts your metabolism

As explained in more detail here, lifting weights will boost your metabolism by building increased muscle, which is a metabolically active tissue. In other words, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest and the more food you can eat to maintain your weight.


Weight lifting also has an after-burn effect, known as post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which means that your body continues to burn calories after a weight training session as part of the process of muscle recovery. Researchers in the Boston University School of Medicine have concluded that weight training can actually reverse the risk of obesity and weight gain.

It enhances your endurance

Another benefit of weight lifting is that it builds thicker muscle fibers in the body, which in turn increases your endurance performance. Muscle fibers contract to help generate movement in the body. Although frowned upon in the past, today many world class athletes and endurance sportspeople train with weights to boost their performance.

It prevents diabetes and heart disease

When we train with weights, we deplete glycogen (stored carbohydrates) from the muscles to fuel our workouts. Our muscles then restore their glycogen levels by extracting glucose from the bloodstream, keeping blood sugar levels under control. This helps regulate sugar levels, warding off the risk of diabetes. Weight training also reduces visceral fat levels (fat stored around organs in the abdominal area), which reduces the risk of heart disease.

It fights aging

Lifting weights is also a means to maintain a youthful appearance and healthy mind. As well as keeping you in shape, it also decreases the loss of muscle mass and promotes a highly functioning mind. It keeps your skin and muscles tight and toned, and on top of all that is reverses the effects of metabolic aging.

It relieves stress and boosts your confidence

Lifting weights is also a great stress reliever, greatly contributing to overall happiness. It increases your confidence when you look better and feel better. You can also clearly see progress when you train with weights, as you eventually get stronger and will be able to complete exercises you were never able to do before. This creates a feeling of achievement and success which will only add positivity to your life.

It protects joints and prevents injury

Although many people perceive weight training as something that can contribute to injury if not performed correctly, it can have the opposite effect when done properly. Strength training increases muscle strength, which protects your joints from pressure placed directly on them. If you’re already suffering from pain in a specific joint, strengthening the muscles around the problem area can alleviate the pain and prevent further injury.

Incorporating weight training into your routine

As demonstrated, training with weights triggers multiple benefits, which will enhance your lifestyle regardless of whether you’re a beginner or someone who has been working out for years. If you aren’t already training with weights, strive to commit for a couple of months and you’ll be astonished by the transformation you’ll see in your body.

Here are some weight training programs for beginners, intermediates, advanced and bodybuilders.

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