If you want to look like an athlete, you have to live like one! Discipline and hard work go hand in hand when it comes to building and maintaining an athletic body. Here are some of the most common lifestyle habits of top athletes and how you can start incorporating them into your daily routine.

1- Never stop setting goals

Once you achieve one goal, it is time to set another. Athletes keep improving their performance by training harder and setting new challenges along the way. Challenges are what make you grow and goals are what keep you moving forward. Life is not worth living if you have no goals to achieve.

2- Always remain positive


No matter what happens, true sportsmen always remain positive along their journey. If they face obstacles along the way, lose, or even suffer from injuries, they always make the most of situations. There is always a solution to every problem, no matter how bad it may seem. Positivity is what keeps you going until things start to turn around and get better.

3- Get enough sleep

Sleep is incredibly important when it comes to performance and recovery. If athletes do not rest their body adequately, their training will suffer and their bodies will not fully recuperate. Additionally, sleep helps to restore hormonal balance, repair damaged muscles and maintain a strong mental health.

4- Lift weights

Weight lifting strengthens muscles and helps athletes improve their performance. Muscles are responsible for movement and strength which boosts athletic progress. Additionally, weight lifting increases overall muscle balance and prevents injuries from occurring. Lifting weights also increases caloric expenditure and enables athletes to eat like a horse just to maintain their weight!

5- Follow a well-balanced diet of wholefoods

Athletes eat enough food to fuel their workouts and feed their muscles. Athletes incorporate a well-balanced diet of healthy fats, carbohydrates and protein to meet their training demands. More importantly, athletes never cut out any type of food from their diet (ie, carbohydrates) and always increase caloric intake when they increase exercise intensity.

6- Restricted alcohol

You won’t catch athletes drinking alcohol in bars every night. Alcohol and an athletic body do not mix. Alcohol will slow down athletic performance and negatively impact anyone who is pursuing a fitness goal. If you are seeking to achieve your full fitness potential, you might want to consider not drinking at all.

7- Cheat meals in moderation

Although junk food will never make up the bulk of an athlete’s diet, they certainly enjoy scheduled cheat meals once a week. There is no need to be overly strict and never indulge.

8- Don’t give into peer pressure

Athletes may have family and friends who do not take on the same lifestyle as them, but they do not give into peer pressure. If an athlete has a fitness goal, they commit wholeheartedly and do not give into any social temptations. Athletes never sabotage their goals just because their social circle drinks alcohol, smokes or eats junk food.

Building new habits

Although it might seem challenging, it really only takes three weeks to establish a new habit. Getting through the first few weeks may be tough, but then it becomes habitual and part of your daily routine. Do not see the above as a restrictive to your lifestyle in any way. The greatest gift you can ever give to yourself is happiness, health and an athletic body which you are proud of.

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