Many people wonder if they should focus on losing fat before starting a weight training program. 

The quickest answer to this question is a big fat no. Many overweight people assume that they should not be lifting weights at all, and should instead focus on stripping away the fat before they begin. Ridiculous claims have even been made that muscles will expand your frame, thereby making you look fatter.

The truth is that losing weight through a diet or cardio alone will result in a body that looks soft, with no muscle definition.  It will leave you with loose skin, fat that wobbles and a slower metabolism than someone who lifts weights.

Here are some reasons why you should start pumping weights as soon as you start a fat loss program, regardless of your size and weight.


1-  Weight training will speed up your metabolism

2-  Weight training and cardio will accelerate fat loss much quicker than cardio or dieting alone

3-  Weight training increases compliance, adds variety to a program and keeps you motivated

4-  Weight training keeps your body challenged, reducing the risk of reaching a plateau

5-  Weight training will protect your joints and reduce the risk of injury as you consistently burn fat

6-  Weight training is the only way to naturally change your shape, resulting in a fitter, tighter and more athletic body

7-  Weight training burns calories after your workout, offering a double metabolism boost, as opposed to doing cardio alone

8-  People who lose weight by lifting weights are generally more satisfied with their bodies than those who lose weight and don’t strength train

9-  Weight training will build muscle that contracts, making you look thinner

10- Women will not get bulky if they train with weights. They will become tighter, firmer and more toned than those who don't lift.

11- The best professional trainers and fat loss gurus all over the world encourage overweight individuals to lift weights.

Unless you have a serious medical condition, don’t listen to any professional who tells you not to lift weights.

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