When it comes to successful body transformation programs, setting clear and specific goals is one way to guarantee results. Here are some steps to help you get started.

What do you want?

Asking yourself what changes you would like to make to your body and visualizing the results are the first steps towards setting a goal. Be as specific as possible. Do you want to become a certain size, pack on more muscle or improve specific body parts? Understand exactly where this journey is going to take you.

Why do you want it?


The next step is to identify the emotional component of each of your goals. Why do you want to reach these targets and how will you feel once you do? More crucially, why is this important to you? Think about how your life will change once you achieve your full fitness potential. Elaborating on your goals and why they matter to you will help to reinforce your willpower and commitment. It all boils down to how badly you want it. The more determined you are, the harder you’ll work to achieve your goals.

What will you do to get it?

It’s time to formulate a plan of action as to how to transform your body. What will your meal plans and exercise program look like? How long will it take you to get where you want to be, and what are you going to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to achieve your full potential? Any successful program should consist of a positive mindset, some form of cardio, weight training and impeccable nutrition. Once you know what you want to achieve, explore the other pages to help you get started. Keep in mind that a proper body transformation process should last no less than four weeks. The more drastic the changes you want to make, the more time you should devote towards achieving them. Be realistic and aim for slow and gradual improvement over a prolonged period of time.

Commit and be specific

Be as precise and specific as possible when forming your plan of action. Keep track of your progress and determine whether or not the process is working for you. You should be seeing minor - but visible – changes at least every couple of weeks. If you see that your body is not changing, try something else. Your actions should be dictated by results. Do more cardio, manipulate your diet, increase your protein intake and reduce your carbs, or learn more here about plateau breaking strategies.

Recite your goals every second of the day

As time goes by, don’t be swayed by temptation. Keep your motivation up by consistently referring to your goals and reminding yourself WHY you want this so badly. A body transformation will also transform your life. As fat loss expert Tom Venuto says, “transforming your body is one of the best paths to transformation of your entire life. Achieving fitness creates a ripple effect through mental, emotional, social and even financial parts of your life and can improve your enjoyment and happiness of life.” Remind yourself when you wake up in the morning - and several times throughout the day - of all the reasons why you’re working towards achieving your goals.

Every action matters

Remember that every little action will either bring you closer to your goal or take you further away from it. Every unhealthy snack, sugary cocktail or missed gym session will eventually add up. Strive to commit to routine actions that will bring you one step closer to where you want to be each day. Eventually these actions will become habits, which will help you to sculpt a lean body you will be proud of.

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