Once you’ve successfully completed a body transformation program, here are some new habits you should incorporate into your lifestyle to ensure that you never regain the weight.

Develop habits

Ensure that clean eating and regular exercise are part of your daily routine. Keep repeating these actions until they become subconscious habits. Recognize that fitness, health and a lean body need to be maintained, much like the engine of a Ferrari or a sports car.

Have planned cheat meals

If you’re going to indulge, be conscious and aware of how much junk food you are eating. Never go overboard and keep portion sizes under control. Allow yourself one cheat meal, once a week, and otherwise steer clear of junk food. Nothing will make you gain weight faster than inadvertent snacking on unhealthy food.


Keep track of your current weight

Have at least one pair of jeans that you try on once a week or every two weeks. Let these jeans be your measuring guide to make sure that you aren’t regaining the weight you’ve lost. Nothing tells you that you’ve put on weight like an old pair of jeans that no longer fit. Don’t rely on your scales as a trustworthy source, as bodyweight fluctuates and any gains could actually be lean muscle mass if you’ve been strength training for a period of time. If you do notice that you’ve gained weight, take control and do what you need to do to get back on track.

Pay close attention to caloric intake

If you lose a lot of weight and dramatically slim down, you’ll need to eat less to maintain your smaller size. If you consume the same amount of calories as when you were heavier you’ll risk regaining the weight you’ve lost. If the idea of eating less frustrates you (as it does me!), simply do more exercise or fit in more cardio sessions throughout the week.

Click here to learn more about estimating your caloric intake for maintenance.

Keep an old photo of yourself visible

Pick out an old photo of yourself at your heaviest and carry it around in your wallet. If you ever feel like skipping a workout or overeating, pull it out and remember why you don’t want to undo all your hard work.

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