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Sometimes you are just so busy that it can be really difficult to fit in some time to go to the gym. For example, your boss wants you stay late, your mother expects you to help her out with some chores, you might have a lot of social obligations and so on. Don’t fret! Check out these great tips below to find out how you can be active even on busy days.

Walk whenever you can

The golden rule is to walk whatever you can. So instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. If you have 20 floors to climb, take the stairs for 10 (or as many as you can handle!) and use the elevator for the rest. Every step you take is approximately 0.15 calories burned (based on a 177 pound person). Walking on multiple steps everyday will eventually accumulate and help you burn more calories each week.


Do some leg exercises

When you go to the water-cooler, take a moment and stand facing the wall and touch the wall with your flat hands. Now kick back one leg towards your buttocks while keeping it straight. Lift your leg as high as you can. Repeat for the other leg and do it no less than 10 times for each. Repeat 3 times daily.

Another exercise to try involves sitting behind your desk. While sitting, cross your legs (ankle height) and lift your legs up. Now press down on your lower leg (using the upper leg) with maximal pressure and resist with the lower leg. Repeat this 10 times for each leg and do it 3 times daily.

Use an exercise ball

Sitting behind your desk all day can make you feel dull. Sitting in the same position on office chairs isn’t necessarily the best thing for your back either. Invest in a Swiss ball and use this to sit on! A Swiss ball forces you to remain a straight posture whereas a regular office chair can make you slouch. The benefit of using a Swiss ball is that it will improve your core stability. If you find this difficult to do all day, alternate between using the Swiss ball and your office chair daily.

Do some squats

Next time you get up out of your chair, squeeze in a few chair squats! It’s easy, just stand in front of your chair with your feet hip width apart and lower yourself till you almost hit the chair and get back up! If you have an adjustable office chair, it might be useful to lower the chair for an extra challenge. Do no less than 15 squats and repeat as many times as you can.

Use water bottles to train your arms

While sitting behind your desk, pick up some small or large water bottles or anything that is a similar weight to a dumbbell. Now do some arm exercises including shoulder press, front raises, side raises and some biceps curls. Repeat for 3 sets of 12. If you need help on how to do the exercises, just download the free Start Living Right phone app by searching for “startlivingright” on your smart phone store.

Do some jumping jacks

The next time you make a cup of tea or get up to use the toilet; do approximately 15 to 20 jumping jacks. Make sure you are wearing flat shoes for this! Doing this several times a day in the week will help you burn an enormous amount of calories.

Butt clenches

Did you now that even while working for your boss, you can also work on your glutes? Just sit still and squeeze them, hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat as much as you want because nobody will be able to tell what you are doing!

The bottom line

Fitting in regular exercise is really important for a healthy mind and body. Being active is extremely important and will help you get the body you really want, however, it really pays off to do the above exercises when your time is limited.

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