How to choose a suitable gym

Written by guest author N.P.Burggraaff

Are you looking to join a gym and start your new healthy lifestyle? Below are some tips to guide you and help you narrow down your search.


The first step is look for a gym that is near your home or work. If it is close to where you live or on your way back home, you will be much more likely to go regularly. There is nothing more inconvenient than driving for miles or getting stuck in traffic just to reach the gym.


Research classes and opening hours

If you’re into group lessons or classes, it is very important to check that your gym offers this.  Some gyms offer a whole variety of classes while others offer only a few. Try to join a gym that offers many different classes so you can constantly new try workouts.

Another thing to consider is the opening hours. Perhaps you like to work out before your day starts and are looking for a gym that opens early in the morning. Or maybe you like to work out later in the evening or even at night. Be sure that the gym’s opening hours fit in with your schedule.


This is a key point for choosing a gym. Check out the gym’s equipment and see if it’s outdated or relatively new and up to date. Many gyms have equipment that is digitalized so that you can easily track your progress. Tracking your progress is essential to get better in your performance.

It is also essential to be working out on clean and functional equipment. The equipment doesn’t have to be new to be of a good quality, it just has to be good quality. I suggest you ask for a trial session so that you can try out the machines available.

Be sure to also check out how busy the gym gets. Ask if you have to wait to use the treadmill or if there is a time limit on the cardio machines during rush hour.


This is self-explanatory. Obviously you’d want to work out in a clean gym. Check if the equipment is nice and clean, no dust lying around and if people are required to use a towel. Also be sure to check out the showers, they’re not in sight so you never know what the sanitary hygiene is if you don’t ask to see them!

Professional trainers

Trainers can bring out the best in you. You would be working on your health and fitness so it is essential you that you consult with a pro. A good trainer can help you set up a program to reach your personal goals as well as help you execute the exercises in an effective and safe way.

In-house physical therapist

Unfortunately sports cause injuries. If you are injured or in doubt whether or not you should keep on training, it is helpful to consult with a physical therapist. Trainers usually know a lot but they are typically not trained; therefore an in-house physical therapist is a plus.

Availability of healthy food and drinks

After a workout you will want to refuel. Be sure that your gym carries healthy beverages and not those sugar packed energy drinks. Some gyms offer protein shakes or protein bars which are great for after workout. So it’s important there are healthy snacks and beverages and no sweet temptations. Comment below if you have some more advice on how to find a good gym!

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