Recipe by guest author Nynke Burggraaff


(Makes 2 servings)

1 cauliflower (this substitutes the rice)

turkey or chicken filet (around 200 g)

peas (1/3 of a cup)

finely diced carrot (1/3 of a cup)

finely diced onions (1/3 of a cup)

1 clove of garlic (smashed)

2 eggs

sesame oil (you can choose another vegetable oil) 2 tbsp


fish sauce

Sriraga sauce


Wash and clean the cauliflower and put them in a kitchen machine or blend until it resembles tiny rice grains. There. Done. That was fast right? You can set this aside and now prepare the chicken.

Cut the chicken into little bite size pieces and fry them in a pan using some sesame oil and the smashed up garlic. When it’s turning brown, throw in the onions and let fry this for another 2/3 minutes on medium heat. Then add the carrots and peas and lastly the ‘rice’(cauliflower).

Stir fry this for a few minutes adding some soy, fish sauce and my favorite Sriraga sauce. Sriraga sauce is a chilly sauce with lots of flavor. It will literally make any vegetable or even yoghurt taste amazing!

Serve with some cucumber salad.

Calories per serving: 438


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