When it comes to successful fat loss, your hard work will not end once you reach your goal. The next step is to successfully maintain your results with a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you maintain your weight and avoid relapsing.

Lose fat the right way

If you want to avoid gaining everything back, make sure you follow a healthy diet with regular exercise to begin with. Low calorie diets, juice diets or any other restrictive fad diets result in rapid weight loss which causes loss of muscle mass and water. These diets slow down your metabolism and always result in weight gain.

There is a correlation between the speed of fat loss and weight regained. The quicker your fat loss, the faster you relapse and gain everything back. Permanent fat loss must always be slow and gradual. Choose a well-balanced diet of wholefoods in combination with weight lifting and cardio. Click here to learn more about suitable weight loss programs.


Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Successful dieters do not stop eating clean once their diet is over. Healthy eating is a lifestyle with no expiry date. They eat the same food all year round, but simply eat a little less when they are trying to lose fat.

Eat clean no matter where you are

Successful maintainers eat clean no matter where they are or what they do. This includes dining out, traveling, birthday celebrations, parties, etc. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy alcohol or cheat meals, however, do so in moderation and no more than twice a week. Click here for tips on how to dine out and eat healthy.

Plan in advance

Healthy eaters plan ahead when it comes to maintaining their physique. This includes preparing healthy meals to take with you if you will be out for the day. If you find yourself nibbling on unhealthy snacks at work, pack some fruits, veggies or low calorie snacks to take with you. If you have an event where you would like to indulge, such as a dinner party, schedule it as your weekly cheat meal. Remember, failing to plan is like planning to fail.

Pay attention to overall calorie intake

Weight gain can occur even if you overeat on healthy food. Pay attention to portion sizes and how much food you are eating in general. If you notice your jeans getting tighter, cut back and do a little more cardio. Weight gain can creep back overnight if you are not conscious about your eating habits.

Exercise and lift weights

The best way to maintain your body is through regular exercise and weight lifting. Weight lifting boosts your metabolism and allows you to eat more and still be lean. Click here to learn about the benefits of lifting weights.

Find a way to deal with stress

Successful weight loss maintainers know how to deal with stress and do not resort to emotional eating. If you are feeling down, do some exercise, go for a walk, call a friend or find an alternative to indulging in junk food. Keep in mind, eating bad food will only undo your hard work and you will end up feeling even more stressed. Click here for some more tips on how to deal with emotional eating.

Do not see things in black and white

It is normal to slip and have off days where you eat a bad meal or miss a training session. Successful dieters get back up and keep going even if they stumble. You will never succeed if you do not fail at times.

Many people are either on the program completely, or not at all. They may claim they do not have time to train instead of making use of whatever little time they have. If they eat one bad meal, they feel as if they have ruined their diet program and end up eating junk all week. This can cause people to stop their program altogether. This "all or none" thinking can be harmful and will cause unnecessary stress. Get back up and try again.

Never compare yourself to anyone else and be proud of your results

One important rule is to see fat loss as a challenge against yourself. Comparing yourself to others is disheartening and will only demotivate you. Everyone has different genetics and a different journey. Comparing yourself to someone else might make you feel as if you will never achieve their results and will never be good enough. If you want to compare yourself to others, you will nearly always find someone to make you feel insecure.

This attitude may cause many people to give up and believe they will never get to where they want to be. Successful dieters do not compare themselves to others, but realize they are on their own journey and strive to create the best version of themselves. They keep on setting new goals to improve and take things one step at a time. You might have to work harder than others to get to where you want to be, but this will only make you a stronger and more inspirational person.

Never judge yourself and remain positive

Some people see it as a bad thing to be overweight or have a lot of body fat. They look down on themselves and feel hopeless because of their size. It is completely wrong to ever judge yourself because of your size or your body.

Successful weight loss maintainers do not have this perception of themselves. They are proud of their body from the start of their journey until the end. A negative attitude may cause you to give up on your diet and see yourself as a failure. You will never be a failure or a bad person because of your weight.

If you want to successfully maintain your weight, be proud of yourself from the day you begin your journey.

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