Written by guest author Nynke Burggraaff

This goes perfectly with some brown rice and grilled fish or oven baked turkey meatballs (see dinner recipes).

Here’s what you need for 2 servings


1/2 zucchini

2 big tomatoes

1/2 of a large onion (to get large rings)

2 cup of sliced mushroom

basil leaves

30 g crumbled feta

Slice the zucchini into medium thick slices (you don’t want them to get mushy therefore don’t slice them too thin). The same goes for the onions.  Grill all the vegetables. I suggest you grill the tomatoes the last since they are the most ‘wet’ of ingredients and this will ‘dirty’ the grill.

Place all the vegetables in a large bowl and let it cool for a bit. Then mix 2 tbsp of olive oil with half a clove of crushed garlic. Gently cover the vegetables with this mixture and then tear some basil leaves into small pieces and add those. Crumble the feta cheese into tiny bits and ‘sprinkle’ on top of the grilled vegetables. That’s it!

Calories per serving: 140


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