Garden pea soup with shrimps

This is a delicious and quick recipe that’s guaranteed to fill you up. A perfect dinner option for low carb days.  Serves 1 very large portion or 2 medium.


frozen peas 450 g

clove of garlic

1 onion

tbsp olive oil

vegetable stock tablet

shrimp 50g


Dice the onion and the garlic very finely and glaze in the olive oil. It’s best to use a sauce/soup pan for this. When the onion/garlic mixture is glazed add in the frozen peas and just enough water so that the peas are nearly covered. It’s better to have to add water then to have to much as draining of water will likely drain some of the onion/garlic. Let this simmer for a good 10/12 minutes on low to medium heat. If you don’t cook it long enough the skin of the peas won’t break down and your soup won’t turn out smooth. After cooking the peas poor them in a blender or food processor and process on the highest power for about 2/3 minutes depending on your machine.  Serve in a bowl and top with some shrimps. This recipe used small Dutch shrimp but you can use any other topping or even no topping!

450 calories per 1 serving or 225 for when served 2


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